About Our Company

One of the largest Frits manufacturers in Asia and Our Establishment since 1993 , and now Introducing Latest Technology Computerized Glass Bottle Plant for the Manufacturing of Perfumery, Cosmetics, Nail Enamels and Pharma Glass Bottles, Jars and Vials..

We are equipped with one of the world's latest technology and most advanced weighing and batching plant and a battery of World’s latest technology and most advanced continuous   glass tank furnace with production capabilities starting from 7.5 TPD, 40 TPD and 45 TPD.


The kilns are so designed to achieve the best, highly transparent, clear and crystal like glass.

Our production lines are equipped only with the latest technology IS Machines fully Electronic / Computer Controlled and combined with latest technology variable Gob Electronic / Computer Controlled Servo Feeders, Servo Shears and Servo Gob distributors. Our production lines include the most flexible options i.e. Single Gob, Double Gob, Triple Gob, Quad Gob which gives our production capabilities very wide flexibility and versatility.

The plant is also fully equipped with fore hearth Feeder Colouring Systems.

The groups capabilities also includes start to end, all the solutions including full bottle design capabilities and our group has one of the best and largest design studio including the best Artists and Design Engineers equipped with the latest technology 3–D, CAD-CAM, Software’s and also equipped with in-house CNC prototype and Model Making Workshop.

Our groups in-house mould manufacturing boasts of one of the largest Die and Tool room Workshop with 22 CNC machines including VMC’s , Turning Centers, Spark EDM’s, Wire Cut EDM’s and a Battery of Conventional Machines including Lathes, Milling Machines, Surface Grinders etc.

Apart from high quality glass manufacturing, our group is also engaged in manufacturing of Caps and Closures and Tooth Brushes and Also engaged in the decoration of glass bottles and accessories like caps etc. and has installed in-house UV metalizing plant. Our group also manufactures the highest quality Dies and Moulds for plastic Caps, Closures, Tooth Brushes, Combs and Plastics and Glass Bottles.